Joint Conference on: “Narratives in times of radical transformations” – Interdisciplinary Perspectives

In recent years, scholars of different disciplines are repeatedly referring to social or cultural narratives with respect to personal, social or cultural transformations (WBGU 2011: 83-84; Grunwald 2015)). In its 2011 flagship report the WBGU (The German Advisory Council on Global Change ) calls for “a new storyline to further develop human civilization” (WBGU 2011: 84). The authors depict the necessity for a “sustainable and legitimized narrative which will serve prosperity, security, liberty, and fairness […], which will accept the legitimations of the Erath’s ecosystems” (WBGU 2011: 91). Harald Welzer and Stephan Rammler put forward the idea of narrative and compatible future visions (Welzer and Rammler: 312) and refer to the narrativist turn, which emphasizes the persuasive power of storytelling rather than reasoning for intended transformation processes. Narratives have more to offer than simple depiction; moreover, they reduce complexity, create a basis for current and future-oriented action plans, are a foundation for the co-operation between actors, and support reliability of expectations” (WBGU 2011: 84); in other words: they entail guiding principles for personal, social and cultural transformations.


The conference will hence assembly scholars from the field of psychoanalysis, psychology, sociology, technology, cultural studies and related fields to share their perspective on narratives in situation of transformations and to explore commonalities and differences. The ultimate goal is to develop new insights how interdisciplinary research and therapeutic practice can be of assistance to individuals as well as groups and even entire cultures to facilitate transformations towards more peaceful and sustainable living conditions.


Ort: Technische Universität Berlin, Hauptgebäude, Straße des 17. Juni, Berlin-Charlottenburg

Due to the Corona Crisis, the conference will be taking a hybrid format.
– There will be two hubs: one in Berlin and one in Kyoto for all those who are able and willing to travel to one of the two conference sites. Both hubs will be connected via video conferencing tools.
– Also, those who cannot or will not travel to either one of the two hubs, will be able participate online.    


Conference Website here .